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Curry Leaf Plant - Suhasini Variety

Curry Leaf Plant - Suhasini Variety

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New Variety of Curry Leaves - “Suhasini” or also known as "Suvasini"

A wide variety of curry seedlings are available in the market today. The best of them is 'Suhasini'.
There is nothing better than 'Suhasini' to enhance the taste of curries. Normal fertilizer application is sufficient for this variety.

This is one of the hardest curry leaf plant to mature. Limited growth for the first two years, but grows abundantly post hard prune after 2 years. Same age Gamthi variety would be significantly bigger than a same age Suhasini.

There is nothing better than curry leaves to give flavour and aroma to your favourite dishes. Curry leaves play an important role in our health. We are often amazed at the health benefits of curry leaves that are excluded from our diet. The ancients used to say about curry leaves in folk medicine and herbal medicine that it has a thousand benefits. Curry leaves are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins A, B, C, E and carbohydrates. In short, we can realize the importance of curry leaves in our diet.

This variety is made by germination of seeds. It is characterized by small leaves and an intense odour. This species has higher growth than other species. Flowering and fruiting up to four times a year. Seedling production is possible only from its own seeds. Low maintenance High yield is the specialty of this variety. Never cut the curry leaves by hand. Keep in mind that new branches can only form when broken with a knife.

This for us is the best Curry Leaf variety even better than Gamthi and the Dwarf type in terms of flavour and aroma. This type will only grow from seeds germination and will not grow new shoots from roots or cuttings. Follow the link here for our Curry leaf growing guide. 

Individual height of the plant depends on the age selected by the user. 6 months plant stands 10-18cm tall from the top of potting mix.

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