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Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant - Premium Taiyo no Tamago - Egg of the sun

Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant - Premium Taiyo no Tamago - Egg of the sun

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Grafted Miyazaki Mango Plants - Experience the Essence of Tropical Delights!

Embark on a journey of tropical cultivation with our exceptional Grafted Miyazaki Mango Plants. These meticulously grafted trees offer an opportunity to grow your very own Miyazaki mangoes, known for their extraordinary flavour and premium quality. Choose from 1-year-old and 3-year-old grafted trees or opt for the traditional method of seed cultivation with our high-quality Miyazaki mango seeds. Miyazaki mangoes are from the Irwin variety of mangoes that originated in Florida in 1949 and have spread around the world. Today, they’re grown in Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, among other countries.

Common Name - Egg of the Sun, Miyazaki

The most expensive mango variety in the entire world, known as the best mango of all kinds, current rate for a Kg of AAA quality Miyazaki mango is around £1000 - £3000. But despite the efforts of growers, not all Miyazaki mangoes reach extravagant selling prices. Only the ripe ones that fit very strict criteria, i.e. 10 percent of all Miyazaki mangoes, will be labelled Taiyo no Tamago, or Egg of the Sun. Taiyo no Tamago is the highest grade and most expensive type of mangoes in Japan.

For a Miyazaki mango to be considered a Taiyo no Tamago, the fruit needs to:
Be perfectly dark red with as little yellow as possible and no green
Bear no flaw or blemish
Be over 350 grams or 12.35 ounces in weight
Have ​​a sugar content of 15 percent of more
Be of perfect size, i.e. over the 2L size standard
Once a mango has been harvested, professionally inspected, and labelled Taiyo no Tamago, it will be put up for auction at Miyazaki Central Wholesale Market. There, representatives of luxury department stores purchase them for nearly $4000. The Taiyo no Tamago will later be displayed and sold to the public in those stores.

Product Details:
1. Grafted Miyazaki Mango Plants (1-Year-Old):
- Age: 1 year
- Grafting Technique: Each tree is skilfully grafted to ensure rapid growth and early fruiting.
- Size: The 1-year-old grafted trees are well-established and ideal for those looking to start their mango orchard or home garden.
- Fruit Production: With proper care and cultivation, these trees can yield delicious Miyazaki mangoes in the coming years - roughly 3 years.

2. Grafted Miyazaki Mango Plants (3-Year-Old):
- Age: 3 years
- Grafting Technique: These mature trees have undergone advanced grafting techniques, resulting in well-developed branches and a sturdy structure.
- Size: The 3-year-old grafted trees are ready to bear fruit within a year, providing you with an opportunity to enjoy the delectable taste of Miyazaki mangoes sooner.
- Fruit Production: Expect a generous harvest of mouth-watering mangoes in the near future with these well-established trees.

3. Miyazaki Mango Seeds:
- Quality Seeds: Our Miyazaki mango seeds are carefully selected and sourced to ensure the best germination rates and desirable traits.
- Cultivation Experience: Grow your mango tree from scratch and witness the fascinating journey from seed to a flourishing tree laden with juicy fruits.
- Nurturing Process: Planting and nurturing mango seeds allows you to intimately connect with the growth and development of your mango tree.
- Fruit Production: With proper care and cultivation, these trees can yield delicious Miyazaki mangoes in roughly 5-6 years.

1. Exquisite Flavour: Relish the exceptional taste of Miyazaki mangoes in the comfort of your own home, freshly picked from your own tree.
2. Unique Cultivation Experience: Cultivate and nurture your own mango tree, witnessing the growth and transformation of a tropical treasure.
3. High-Quality Grafting: Our grafted trees are carefully crafted to ensure robust growth, early fruiting, and desirable mango varieties.
4. Abundant Harvests: Enjoy bountiful harvests of delectable Miyazaki mangoes, sharing the fruits of your labour with family and friends.
5. Versatile Options: Choose between grafted trees of different ages or explore the traditional method of growing from seeds, catering to various gardening preferences.

- Packaging: Our grafted mango plants and seeds are packaged with utmost care to ensure their safe arrival at your doorstep.
- Delivery: We offer reliable and efficient shipping services to deliver your grafted Miyazaki mango plants or seeds promptly.

Note: Availability of grafted mango plants and seeds may vary due to demand and seasonal factors. We recommend placing your order promptly to secure your preferred option.

Embark on a fulfilling journey of mango cultivation with our Grafted Miyazaki Mango Plants or Miyazaki Mango Seeds. Order now and savour the satisfaction of growing your own tropical oasis. 

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